Visual Poetry: Choice

I spend some of my spare time browsing the internet for interesting videos that tell a story or are visually and creatively stunning. I recently came across this gem of a video called Choice during one of those browsing sessions.  This video which is visual poetry at its best, was created by Gnarly Bay and brings the viewer along the four week journey across South Africa and Mozambique that Gnarly experienced with his girlfriend in May 2013.  This video goes beyond simply showcasing these particular countries which are beautiful in their own right, but rather pulls at the heart strings of the viewer  through the accompanying poem which shares Gnarly’s thoughts and reflections during this trip, in which he asked his girlfriend to marry him.

This video is truly uplifting, creative, introspective and well worth a watch.

A New Journey Awaits

So for my first Blog post I decided to reflect on my recent graduation. Graduating from College is one of those great milestones in life and the sense of achievement after four years of hard work cannot be underestimated. Walking up to receive that piece of paper signals the end of one journey in life but at the same time it represents the beginning of a new journey. This fact was highlighted at my recent graduation ceremony when the President addressed the audience, acknowledging our investment over the last four years while also reminding us that this is only the first step towards finding our path in life. By just taking a few moments to reflect on this thought, you might feel nervous,apprehensive and a tinge of excitement. The new journey that awaits the class of 2013 is full of unknowns but also countless possibilities. Personally I am excited about this new journey that awaits, I have recently began the dreaded job hunt and although the job market is highly competitive I try to remain positive in the knowledge that an opportunity will come my way. To conclude I would just say  embrace this new journey, be ambitious, be confident and be willing to take risks.