Ryanair joins the Twittersphere

Ryanair joins the Twittersphere

As I’m Irish, I’m used to hearing about Ryanair in the news on a frequent basis, whether its Michael O’ Leary ruffling a few feathers in Europe or hearing about some ridiculous cost saving venture like charging customers to use the toilets. Love them or hate them it can’t be denied that they run a very profitable low cost model and will get you from A to B cheaply, and mostly on time (cue the famous on time music).

I was genuinely surprised this week to learn that Ryanair has finally joined twitter, and no they are not charging us to follow them. Unfortunately they won’t be answering customer queries or dealing with complaints citing the fact that they can’t reply to the over 80 million passengers a year that they carry. So by the looks of it Ryanair aren’t softening in their approach to customer service, and are just embracing a new media channel from which to generate PR for the company.

It’s still early days, but it will be interesting to see how interactive the Ryanair account will be and how will they utilise social media to enhance their PR machine. I think they are definitely worth a follow as you can expect some colourful and interesting tweets.


NOAH Short: Behaviour and Relationships in the Digital Age

This is short film featured at the Short Cuts Canada Festival 2013 in which we see the life of a typical teenager named Noah being played out on his computer screen. I think that this film gives a great insight into how the digital age has transformed the way we communicate and interact with each other in our daily lives. I am a member of this Millennial generation commonly refereed to as the Digital Natives, although I am a few years older than Noah, and I am lucky to remember the days of dial up connections, Nokia 3310s and Snake. This short film is definitely worth a watch, and makes you think how we will be communicating into the future.